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**Labor Day Weekend Weddings!** 31Aug

**Labor Day Weekend Weddings!**

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Happy ‘Sunday-funday’ ladies and gents! Today we are talking about the pros and cons of Labor Day weekend weddings! Lets start with a few comments from some knowledgeable well-known websites: A Thought from ‘The Knot’ on Labor Day weekend weddings: Three-day holiday weekends like Memorial Day or Labor Day are popular for Sunday weddings because[…..]

Alison and Gabe’s Love Spiral 16Aug

Alison and Gabe’s Love Spiral

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Alison and Gabe had an intimate wedding ceremony at San Dieguito Park last month with a unique spiral ceremony set up. See below:   { What are your thoughts on a spiral ceremony?! } Check out more of Alison and Gabe’s wedding photos!   Thanks for viewing and stay tuned for our next blog! Post by: Maryssa #TeamHSE